Spring- Visible Mending

Spring- Visible Mending


This seasonal workshop encourages us to be more sustainable and to mindfully mend our clothes with visible hand stitching to highlight the wear and tear, rather than hide it.

The creative approach to mending allows a loved garment to live again with a new purpose. Adding colour and creativity to your wardrobe or homeware, hand stitching and embroidery are used, so no sewing machines in this class.

Enjoy the night learning a few mending techniques and start repairing your own worn items.

This Spring workshop will introduce you to Sashiko, a Japanese form of embroidery. You will get a chance to practice this technique, which is just one of the forms of stitching that can be used to mend worn areas of woven fabrics like denims and shirts. We will then apply various creative mending solutions to the garments or household items you have brought along. It is always a fun night of learning and sharing.

Friday December 6th, 6.30 - 9.30pm. Starts with Soup and freshly baked bread. So bring a friend and make it a night out.
Can't make the date? Don't worry, this event happens once a season.

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